A Number of Views

From time to time, we will invite some of our friends to share with us all, of their experiences, stories and of their reflections on God’s Word. This column will also host a place for those incredible pictures one gets when roaming the Alaskan landscape. Yes, we will have those fishing pictures and all that camping that gets done during the brief summertime. Sorry, no pictures of sons, daughters and grand-children; we all know that we’ve got the most beautiful, intelligent and talented of all the world. We don’t want to make this into a contest. We will try to get our members to share tips on many subjects that will prove to make your visit to this page worth your while. And of course, the forever ubiquitous announcements will also be here.


Very soon, you’ll see videos that show you’re not alone when it comes to parenthood, money, career, future, legacy and other things that bug us mostly in the middle of the night.